Here you will learn the fundamentals of bull riding in a friendly and encouraging environment. Each student will get the personal attention they need to confidently get on bulls and ride successfully. No experience is necessary and we will always provide gear at no extra cost. Bucket list riders to pros are often found at our schools, so don't hesitate to sign up.

First, you will be taught proper form and technique on our "El Toro" bucking machine. This will get you started in the right direction and build your confidence. Next, you will nod your head on a real bucking bull. These bulls are tame, so even though they buck, they don't have much interest in trying to hurt you. So all you have to do is have fun! After each ride you'll be critiqued and we'll load the bulls again!

We have multiple "Bull Riding School" sessions conducted monthly. We welcome males and females of all ages and skill levels. Our upcoming "Bull Riding School" classes are as follows;


Bull Riding Schools every Saturday and Sunday. Must reserve spots and call in advance at (856)207-1530 !

Fees: Call (856)207-1530 for details.

With limited availability, we always encourage our students to register quickly in order to reserve a slot.

We've many lady bull riders as well.